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Light Turnout for District 5 Council Seat Vote

Voter turnout in the Baltimore City Council District 5 race was light.

At the CC Jackson Recreation Center there were few candidate signs or posters in sight.

There was just one Cathy Pugh campaign worker present, and by 2 p.m. just 50 people had

voted, according to Chief Election Judge Jean Barnett.

As elsewhere in the state, paper ballots, but they posed no problems or confusion for

voters, Barnett said.

“The only mix-up here was how some did not know their party affiliation,” said Barrett.

At another site in the district, Calvin Rodwell Elementary School, approximately 210

people cast ballot by 3 p.m., another election judge said.

“There haven't been many lines today. At most, lines of 10 at a time then periods of a

few walking in a time,” the election official said.

Few voters even seem to know whom Rochelle “Rikki” Spector, the retiring incumbent,

who has held the seat since 1977, was.

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