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Baltimore Women Show Up To Polls For Historic Election

Most of the voters headed into the Mary E. Rodman Recreation Center, one of the busiest polling sites in Baltimore, were women.

Women ages 40 to 90 said the uppermost topic in the minds were to see changes in the educational system, see Hillary Clinton as positive influence for young women, and modeling for future generations their responsibility to vote.

Wanda Wallace, a resident of District 8, said, “Politicians should tackle tuition and increase the funding of HBCUs.”

Wallace specifically touched on the dismissal of the Federal Pell Grant, which is now given to students twice a year compared to the three times in previous years.

Several other women stated the importance of Clinton being elected as the first female president of the United States and how that could potentially impact the minds of young women.

“At the end of the day we all bleed the same color, no matter how you cut us” said Louise Julius Allen, 90, who migrated to Baltimore in 1947.

According to the older generation, the millennials do not understand the opportunity given to vote.

“They don’t even know what we had to go through back then… it was so hard” said Edna Northan, 90, a Baltimore resident for over 60 years.

This election has displayed the opportunity that has been taken for granted by the youth. They emphasized that their votes do not matter and their community will not be improved.

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