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Women Place Their “I Voted” Stickers On Susan B. Anthony’s Grave Stone

Over 300 people, a majority of them women and girls, gathered on Tuesday morning at Mount Hope Cemetery around Susan B. Anthony’s headstone in Rochester, New York. One by one, the women stepped up to place their “I Voted” stickers onto the headstone, thanking Ms. Anthony on this historic Election Day.

Anthony, an American woman who was committed to the woman’s suffrage movement, had stated “there never will be complete equality until woman themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

Although many people place their stickers on Anthony’s stone every year. This year, on Election Day, the tradition has more meaning.

The United States could possibly elect its first female president. Woman visiting Anthony’s grave also had the opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton – a democrat who is running against republican Donald Trump in the national race for president.

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