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Catherine Pugh Glimpsed at Polling Place

Baltimore Democratic nominee for mayor Catherine Pugh was seen Tuesday afternoon at a polling site in East Baltimore, the Greater Paradise Christian Center.

Pugh, who has come under fire for her inaccessibility since the Democratic primary, spoke to us about her vision for the city. She discussed police violence and the negative effects it has on neighborhoods.

“I will make an issue of police brutality, so everyone can know their role in the city,” said Pugh, stressing the importance of personal accountability.

Her work as a state senator allows her to understand the problems the city faces, she said, and her success with the business community makes her desirable to the public.

Pugh received both her B.S. and her graduate business degree from Morgan State University. She credits the school for making her the woman she is today.

Reporting by Cameron Goodnight, Shanice Morgan, Olafimihihan Oshin, and Malik Young.

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