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Morgan Alumna Seeks to Represent Council District Near School

Alicia Joynes is running a campaign to replace Robert Curran to represent the Third District of


Joynes is originally from Salisbury, Md., where she attended high school before enrolling at

Morgan State University. She served as SGA President and developed a passion for changing the


It was her time at Morgan that shaped Joynes’ vision and current platform.

She is the only candidate who attended Morgan. She stayed local. After graduation she

purchased her first house in the Third District, considered one of the safest communities in


Joynes holds that community to a high standard and wants things to progress. Safety is one

issue that motivates the candidate. Among other issues, she speaks about transparency

between the government and the people of the district.

“We need better resources for food, senior citizens, and the general community,” she said.

She has reached out to her community throughout her campaign, frequently making phone

calls and checking in on local residents and businesses. To build a team of supporters, Ms.

Joynes has gone door to door.

If the residents select her to represent the Third District, she plans to continue to work within

the community to stay updated on their needs. Familiarizing herself with the neighborhoods

throughout her community and working with them on their personal needs is a plan she is


Francesca Lucia, the team’s finance directory, started working with Joynes in November. “She is a great candidate because she’s so involved with the community,” she said. “Call time is very

big part of campaigning, and Alicia calls all day long.” Lucia has helped raised over $3,000 for

her campaign from local businesses and generous donations.

Joynes has also planned to reach out to a few student organizations on Morgan's campus to

collaborate on some community service activities.

She also served as president of the Perring Loch Association, where she developed a vision for

her community. With this title she advocated for schools, residents and to strengthen

relationships throughout the community.

In 2010, Joynes founded Beautiful Butterflies Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that helps

young girls throughout the community develop confidence and self love.

“ I love what she represents, from the self love she instills in these young girls to the

relationship she helps residents develop throughout the community it’s a positive image for

everyone,”said Danielle Gaskins, a junior at Morgan State.

She has authoritative experience and has continuously worked on the enhancement of her

community relations. She has asked for help from local residents and businesses. Bringing

people together will help with a connection between residents and the government, she said.

Joynes supporter Kiarra Ceasar has lived in the district seven years. She moved there after she

graduated from Towson with a degree in Sociology.

Ceasar said Joynes’ attitude towards serving the public is what will help her win. She believes

the candidate has a strong work ethic and is concerned about the betterment of her


“She resembles a true humanitarian by actually going out to the community and touching the

people, connecting with them,” she said. “Something most politicians don’t do.”

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