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Baltimore City Primary Election Locations Open Late

Maryland's primary election got off to a rocky start Tuesday when at least two voting locations in Baltimore City opened late, keeping voters waiting outside for nearly a half an hour.

Some voters showed up at 5 a.m., two hours before the scheduled opening of the poll at Johnson Square Elementary School. Election judges said they were unable to start on time because they were missing a code needed to get the polling machines up and running.

“People were outside for so long that they were falling out, and the people were arguing about spacing in line," according to one Democratic voter, Jewell Washington.

“There could be various reasons why the polls opened late. The building where people are supposed to vote may be locked or things like that,” Armstead Jones, director of the Baltimore City Board of Elections, said.

Voters also experienced other roadblocks at the polls. Mary Hodges complained that her voter information was nowhere to be found at the Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School High School.

“Some problems are people might have gone to the wrong precinct. Some people aren’t registered to vote and they thought they were,” Jones added.

Candidates also made some traditional election-day stops to do some last minute campaigning, within the legal distance, at the polls.

Kelly Cross, who is running in the 12th City Council District Democratic primary, was at Johnston talking about his plans for changes in Baltimore. He said he was frustrated with the city for cutting after-school activities.

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