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Date of birth: July 30, 1965 Freeport, NY

Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing from Norfolk State University

Employment: Director of Community Relations at Maryland Physicians Care

Family: Two children. Kayla, junior communications major at University of Maryland-College Park; and Shawn Tarrant Jr., freshman marketing major at Hampton University

Campaign headquarters: Allen and Sons Moving Storage on Druid Hill Park Drive (borrowed space from a friend)

Contact information: (410) 336-8718 or

Residence: Clifton Park Drive

Length of time living in the district: 21 years

Active in: Baltimore City College Foundation; Board of the Maryland Zoo, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity

Prior political experience: Two terms in the Maryland General Assembly (January 10, 2007- January 14, 2015)

Hobbies: Running

Best thing that has happened to him: Having children

Favorite childhood memory: “One of my favorite childhood memories is the Christmas that I had where my brothers got what they wanted. My brothers wanted dirt bikes and they got it. They were yelling, and it was just such a crazy day, that they got dirt bikes that they were too young for. It was just crazy, a crazy day in the household. That’s like my best, best memory.”

Favorite memory of something that has happened in the district: “One of my favorite memories in the district was when I first came to Baltimore in 1988 and went to the Greek Picnic in Druid Hill Park. And I was a kid. And I have a picture of me that day. And that’s in the 7th District.”

Favorite food: Indian cuisine

Favorite color: Red

Favorite song: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Favorite book: “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”

Favorite sports team: Baltimore Ravens

Favorite saying: “A black man is an original man that can’t escape his own destiny.”

People who have most inspired him: Howard “Pete” Rawlings, the political leader; and his fraternity brothers

Mayoral candidate he is supporting: No one

Why people should vote for Shawn Tarrant: “Because I have all the unique experiences to maintain what’s going well, and to build up what’s not going well. So I’ve just had great experiences, great people working with me, making me better. I’ve done things with money, without money. But I’m going to do stuff. And people know that.”

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