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Mckesson Spars on Twitter with Rapper Azealia Over Gay Slur

Baltimore mayoral candidate Deray Mckesson has been in a battle to

gain respect among voters and his Democratic Party peers since he joined

the primary race in February.

Mckesson, who filed his candidacy at the last minute, has set out to

prove naysayers wrong and turn his popularity on social media into votes

by fully immersing himself in his campaign.

While candidates like Catherine Pugh and David Warnock have used

more conventional methods of campaigning, Mckesson has taken full

advantage of his social media stardom.

For the last two months, Mckesson has gone toe to toe with

opponents at forums and debates all over Baltimore, but on April 22, he

returned to his social media base in a heated exchange with rapper Azealia

Banks on Twitter.

Mckesson has used Twitter as a platform to express his views and

solutions for society’s problems and for his campaign, but Banks is just as

famous for her Twitter rants as she is for her music.

The two squared off when Mckesson, an openly gay man, called out

Banks for her use of the word “fag” in an exchange with Elgin Charles, a

celebrity stylist. He told Banks she should “spell (sic) less time on social

media and more time in the studio”.

Banks responded by saying “No you aren’t. ur a dirty black church

fag. That’s all you are, and all you will ever be. LOL”

Mckesson jumped into the Twitter discussion, addressing Banks

about her use of the slur.

“C’mon, no need to call him, or anyone, a fag,” said Mckesson.

“Faggotry is rooted in misogyny. Not homosexuality,” Banks said,

turning her attention to Mckesson.

“It’s homophobic & offensive, Azealia. There are other words that you

can use to convey your displeasure w/ him,” Mckesson responded,

attempting to douse the fiery rhetoric.

However, Banks stoked the embers, asking Mckesson to refund her

contribution to his campaign.

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