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Lieutenant Governor Takes Oath, Too

The focus in Annapolis, Md. Wednesday will be the swearing in of the state's new governor, but two people were taking the oath of office.

Boyd Rutherford, a former assistant secretary for administration in the U.S. Department of Agriculture was sworn in as the third African-American lieutenant governor of the state.

He pledged to "focus on what is best for those who are paying our salaries," in his three-minute inaugural address.

The 57 year-old Howard County resident is a conservative Republican whose resume expands across state and federal posts. Some argue that he has more political experience than his new boss, Larry Hogan.

In addition to his agriculture position, he has served as the secretary of Maryland Department of General Services and was the associate administrator for the U.S. General Services Administration.

Hogan is a businessman who is the son of a multi-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives, but has held no elective office.

After the ceremonies Maryland's executive branch will be headed by two men who before now have shunned the political spotlight.

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